bodhi ransom green

The Bodhi Ransom green is a color that has become a popular choice for home furnishings. It is an earthy tone that is rich in color, but easy to clean. This makes it a popular option for interiors with lots of natural light, as well as for bathrooms.

Family background

When Bodhi ransom Green was born, he was considered the cutest celebrity kid in Los Angeles. His mother, Megan Fox, was already a popular actress and model. He also had a biological brother named Kassie. But, after the couple split, he had his step-brother Kassius.

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As time went by, Bodhi ransom green became more popular. Currently, he is a friendly boy. He enjoys playing guitar with his friends. He also likes to help his friend when they need some assistance. The family wants to keep him away from the media spotlight.

However, there has been much media attention. It is believed that he is going to be a singer or a music composer in the future. Although, his educational background is still unknown.

Bodhi is currently homeschooling. During his first years, he was not very bright, but he has improved a lot. He has also become more handsome. Aside from his education, he enjoys spending time with his family.

His parents are famous American actors and rappers. Their marriage was also publicized. They have been together since 2004. And, they have two children.

Bodhi is the second son of Megan Fox. In 2010, Megan and Brian got married. Now, both have shared custody of their kids. Currently, Bodhi and Noah are at the age of two.

According to reports, the parents have been dating since 2004. Initially, they tried to keep their relationship private. This was not the case when they were on the set of a TV show, however, later on they broke up. After the divorce, they agreed to joint custody of their children.

Although, they have been very active on social networking sites such as Instagram, they haven’t yet published any information on their personal websites.

Social media accounts

If you are a fan of Megan Fox, you’ll certainly have heard of her famous kid, Bodhi Ransom Green. However, you may not know all that much about him.

Despite his celebrity status, it’s unclear whether Bodhi has a lot of money to spend on his own social media accounts. He is not yet old enough to sign up for such a thing, but his parents do value their privacy.

Bodhi Ransom Green is a cute baby boy. His parents haven’t revealed what he looks like or what he does in school, but they have shown him off to various TV show sets. And he has definitely caught the eye of the paparazzi.

The child is two years older than his big brother, Noah, and he has the same name. He has blond hair and blue eyes. But his mother has a secret: her son is actually a stepbrother.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have shared joint custody of their children since their divorce. This means they have been able to keep Noah off the spotlight while still sharing some of the spotlight with their youngest.

In the past, Megan Fox has posted a lot of pictures of her sons on Facebook. She has also gone to Hawaii on several occasions with them, but has not posted any photos of her youngest child on her personal social media pages. Unlike other celebrities who post lots of photos of their children, Megan has opted to leave her kids alone.

Apparently, she has also gotten a lot of criticism for her parenting style. According to Fox, she believes that having the right amount of privacy for her kids is important.


Bodhi Ransom Green is an American kid who belongs to Megan Fox’s family. He is eight years old and is considered as a celebrity kid. In addition to being a celebrity kid, he is also an actor.

Bodhi is the youngest child of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. The duo have been married since 2010. They have three children, Noah Shannon Green, Journey River Green, and Ransom.

Megan Fox is an actress and model. She is best known for her role as Mikaela Banes in the “Transformers” film franchise. Having a son like Bodhi is a source of pride for both her and her ex-husband.

When Bodhi was born, he was referred to as the cutest star kid in H-Town. He is now growing up healthy. As for his appearance, he has brown wavy hair and hazel blue eyes.

He is also a member of the Aquarius zodiac sign. His father, Brian Austin Green, is an American actor and rapper. Moreover, his paternal grandfather emigrated from England to Massachusetts in the 1600s.

On the mother’s side, Bodhi has Powhatan Native American ancestry. Besides, the family has been a follower of Buddhism.

Bodhi Ransom Green has already enrolled in acting school. He also loves to play guitar and sing. Moreover, he enjoys going to the park with his family.

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He is not a fan of traditional parenting techniques. Instead, he believes that his mother is devoted and loving. Despite their divorce, he still gets a lot of attention and love.

It is not clear whether or not they are sharing custody of Bodhi. However, Fox has taken her son to movie sets with her.

Moreover, his mother Megan Fox has two other sons. One is named Noah Shannon Green and the other is called Ransom.


Bodhi Ransom Green is an eight year old boy. He is the second child of famous rapper Brian Austin Green and actress Megan Fox. The couple got engaged in 2006 and married in 2010.

Bodhi Ransom Green is an attractive youngster who has gained fame in a short period of time. He is one of the hottest star kids around. His cute face has gotten him huge fan following. Currently, he is homeschooling.

He is expected to become a singer or a composer. He has been learning to play guitar. He also loves to help his friends when they need him. As he gets older, he is becoming more handsome.

When he is grown, he might have his own social media accounts. However, his parents do not want to let him handle it. They are worried about constant paparazzi chase.

He is also learning to self-teach. His teachers are not yet ready to give him much information on this. Nonetheless, more details will be updated in the near future.

He is also enjoying spending his childhood with family and friends. He loves to go to the park. Aside from this, he is also very interested in musical instruments. Besides that, he regularly goes to Church. Hence, he has a very good relationship with his schoolmates.

On the other hand, his parents are not happy with his constant social media chasing. They are worried that he might ruin his image in the eyes of paparazzi.

Despite all of this, Bodhi Ransom Green has a huge fan following. He has gained a lot of popularity and has been able to accumulate huge wealth. Nevertheless, his father and mother have not yet revealed if he is studying in a local or private school.

Relationship with Megan Fox

Known for her breakout role in the Ellen Show, Megan Fox is a celebrity mom with three kids. Her sons Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green, and Zane were all born before she split with ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

She had a public relationship with Machine Gun Kelly in the past, but her current relationship is more private. In fact, she isn’t sharing pictures of her kids on social media. While she and Machine Gun Kelly are rumored to be dating, they have yet to make a big public statement.

Although she hasn’t been seen with her kids in a long time, Megan Fox is proud to be a parent. She enjoys spending time with her sons outside of work commitments.

The couple met on the set of Hope & Faith when Fox was 18 years old. They were married in a secret ceremony on Hawaii’s Big Island in 2006. Until they filed for divorce in 2015, the two were married and engaged, but had two children.

It is a fact that Bodhi is the cutest celebrity kid. Several insiders have shared the details of his birth. Bodhi was born on February 12 in Los Angeles. He is the second son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

His parents have expressed discontent at the amount of time they are being photographed. They have also made their displeasure known online.

Among her many awards, Megan Fox has earned the coveted Teen Choice Award. When she was a teenager, her father was a parole officer. However, the actress said he was not a great dad.

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The actress hasn’t been photographed with her sons in a while. Those who have been told she hasn’t been seen with them, have questioned whether she is actually a good mother. But she claims she’s dedicated to being a good mom.


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