Ghostbur – A Good Guy With a Trident


Ghostbur is a good guy with a trident. He is also a scolding character and forgetful. In this article we’ll explore some of the characteristics of this character. Also, we’ll talk about the story behind his trident and how he got it.

Ghostbur is a good guy

As someone with ptsd, I can relate to Ghostbur. It was traumatic for him to live in limbo, and the trauma reoccurs because he is trapped there. Then, because of that, he thinks he is a bad guy.

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But before I get to that, let’s talk about Tommy. He and Ghostbur last spoke a few days ago. Although he doesn’t remember Tommy’s name, Tommy has a message for Ghostbur. It’s in red, and he likes it. He doesn’t want Wilbur to come back. Tommy tells him how Wilbur spent months in Limbo. He also mentions Schlatt as the “bad guy.”

Ghostbur’s life in limbo reminds him of his childhood, when he was a child. He also remembers the roaring crowds, the ice-cold earth, and sparring with a technoblade. This reminds him of the life he lived before he was purged from it. Although he is no longer a living being, he is as close to limbo as one can get. His life in limbo is a lonely and painful one, and he feels every ache and sting.

He is forgetful

In the manga, Ghostbur is a cat with a very short memory. When he died, he still remembered a few things. He remembered grass being short and strange pine trees. He also remembered a dream. He thought he was forgotten and was sent into the wilderness by the Dream. During that dream, he met phil. Though angry and confused, Ghostbur did not hate phil. He knew he was not taken seriously and thought of himself as a disposable creature.

One day, Ghostbur wandered too far from the L’Manberg camp and landed in a forest. The sun was not visible anymore and he could not tell which direction to go. He thought that his Technoblade would know and take him to his destination. But when he asked about his day, he looked confused.

One day, he came across his dead father’s paws. He was worried, but he assured everyone that he would take care of him and make sure the boy was healthy. Then he wiped away the tears that were falling from his eyes.

He is a scolding character

Ghostbur is one of the characters from the popular video game “Final Fantasy VII.” He is a scolding character, and is often very angry. His main purpose is to teach the players about right and wrong. He is very popular with fans of the game, and has become a staple of the series.

Ghostbur first appeared in the game during the second half. He is an annoying and scolding character who tries to teach Tommy the correct way to behave. He is often very stern and can also be quite a bully. Unlike the other characters in the game, Ghostbur is a little different. It is apparent that he is not fond of dreaming. He can sometimes be very naughty and often reprimands the player for their mistakes.

Ghostbur is a character created by Twitch streamer WilburSoot. He has become an important part of the Dream SMP server. This server was launched by YouTube star Dream in May 2020, and has been the home to many famous Minecraft players. The server has its own unique lore and a lot of drama.

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He has a trident

The trident is an iconic symbol for the Ghostbur character. It’s not just a weapon. This creature was introduced in the comics as a new character. Its appearance and personality were very different from those of the real-life Wilbur Soot. Wilbur Soot had a dark past that included manipulation, terrorism, and self destruction. He eventually committed assisted suicide.

While Ghostbur was diving for clay, he was distracted by an object, which he held in front of him. It was the trident of the Drowned. The trident caused damage to Ghostbur. As a result, the Drowned tried to attack the Ghostbur, but failed. Ghostbur ducked into land again and grabbed his diamond sword. He then hit Drowned, who collapsed into the water.

Ghostbur’s trident has two different purposes. It can be used for defensive purposes or to attack. It can be used to stab and kill. Its primary function is to protect the land from evil, and the trident can be used for this purpose. This type of weapon is often used by Ghostbur. It can also be used for offensive purposes, but it is best used for defensive purposes.

He is a skeleton

Ghostbur is a friendly spirit in Dark Souls 3. Though undead, he frightens the mobs in the game. He likes to join players on their knees, chuckles warmly, and extends a hand to help them up.

He is in limbo

Before his revival, Ghostbur had mentioned that he’d found a Friend. This was a concern of Eret and Phil, as the Friend seemed to be a ghost. However, while the resurrection set-up was happening, Ghostbur decided to seek out his Friend in the arctic. It was during his search that he discovered the Friend in the L’Manberg Camarvan.

It was traumatizing for both of them. The limbo experience left Wilbur with a deep sense of guilt, and he constantly relives it in his mind. As a result, he thinks that he’s bad and that he deserves to be punished for the mistake he made.

When Tommy was alive, Ghostbur would occasionally look at Tommy. He would have seen himself in pogtopia, and he would have wished to avoid his mental collapse. As a result, he’d try to prevent Tommy’s mental breakdown.

He is a good guy

It’s hard to say whether Ghostbur is a good guy or a bad guy. He has been around forever, but only recently has he spoken to the rest of the Eggpires. While he is a good guy, he has a few flaws. For example, he is not very loyal. This is something that could hurt him in the long run. Despite this, he is still a great character to root for.

His innate goodness has made him a popular choice amongst gamers. While not an evil character, Ghostbur has never been a bad guy. He was everyone’s friend and cared for everyone, even begging them not to die. Despite being a good guy, he also has his demon side.

One of his flaws is his inability to make good decisions. He is traumatized by the time he spends in limbo, and he is forever thinking about what happened. This makes him think that he is a bad guy. It’s easy to see why Ghostbur would want to help Ranboo get back Wilbur, but he doesn’t know how to do that. Besides, he doesn’t think the others want him back. Phil may be the only one who wants Wilbur back.

He is a bad guy

The main character of Ghostbur is an autistic monster. He has trouble with emotions and struggles with his memories of the past. He often reads history books, remembering the legend of Alivebur, who was the first dragon to be slain. He thinks that he is a hero, but in the end, he ends up hurting many people and losing all the memories of bad things that happened in his life.


Ghostbur has been around for a very long time, and has been abused by people. He has been called stupid and treated against his will. His only crime is to make people hurt. This is very similar to how Ghostbur has treated Nihachu, who he was close with.

Ghostbur’s antagonism towards Dream is based on his desire to be resurrected and make amends for his mistakes. He can’t help the Alivebur as much as his alive self. His lack of compassion is a sign of his selfishness and he doesn’t like being around people who don’t believe in his reasons.


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