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Shaun So is a famous actor who has been in the show “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” for several years. In addition to that, he is also well known for his musical career and has released several albums. He has a huge fan base. Here is a short review about his life and his career.


Shaun So is a famous American internet entrepreneur, media personality, and a military veteran. He is married to actress Anna Chlumsky. They have two daughters.

The couple met at a college party in 2000. In 2007, they got engaged, and in 2008, they tied the knot.

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There’s not much information about their birth and family life. But they do have a lot of friends. Their parents are of Chinese descent and live in Topsham, Maine. Shaun’s father is a chef and saxophonist. His mother is a singer and actor.

According to his bio, Shaun is an entrepreneur who helped start a content-driven service design company. He’s also been a Forbes contributor. Previously, he worked for the Pentagon as an intelligence analyst and as a counterterrorism expert.

Aside from his work, Shaun is an avid outdoorsman. He has been certified as an open water diver and a wilderness first responder. He is also a member of the army reserve. As a result, he has traveled a lot and is always looking for fun activities to do.

While Shaun was in the Army, he served as a tactical Intelligence team sergeant and led a team for combat operations in international conflicts. After his service in the Army, he started various companies, including an Urban logistics start-up called Cubby.

As for his personal life, he and Anna are very close with their family. They have a beautiful daughter. Despite her young age, she has been a model since her early days. She’s also been nominated for the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Overall, they have a great family. It’s hard to estimate the family’s income. But they have made millions of dollars, thanks to their business skills.

Early life

Shaun So is an American military veteran who is famous for his marriage to actress Anna Chlumsky. They are also parents to a daughter, Penelope Joan. He has been married to Anna since 2008.

The couple met at college. After dating for five months, they decided to get married. However, they had to keep their relationship long distance due to their military service.

Shaun and Anna have a beautiful family. Their first child, Penelope, was born in 2013. Two years later, they welcomed a second daughter, Clara Elizabeth.

Shaun was deployed to Afghanistan for three years. During that time, he was stationed there as a special counterintelligence agent for the US Army. Upon returning from the war, he took a sabbatical from his work and started a new business. This business is called Cubby.

During that time, he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University. Later on, he completed an MBA degree from the City University of New York. In addition to his business endeavors, he is an open water diver. Moreover, he is a certified wilderness first responder.

Prior to his military career, he lived in Washington, D.C. and New York. Before that, he studied political science at the University of Chicago.

He received his bachelor’s degree in political science honors from the university. After graduation, he continued his studies at the Zicklin School of Business.

In 2003, he served as a federal intelligence analyst. From then, he worked for McNeil Technologies as a defense contractor. While working for the company, he also had a chance to meet his future wife, Anna Chlumsky.

After his service in the military, he became a member of the army’s Reserves. He is a certified wilderness first responder, as well as an open water diver.

Military career

Shaun So, an American citizen, has served in the US Military for over ten years. As a counterterrorism expert, he has occupied several positions in the federal intelligence agency and a defense contracting company. He has also written for Forbes magazine from 2012 to 2014. In 2019, he co-founded Digital Service Coalition, a non-profit organization to improve public service.

A member of the Asian American community, Shaun So was born in the United States to Chinese parents. He has a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Chicago and an MBA from City University of New York.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University. His studies led him to the Defense Intelligence Agency where he worked as an intelligence analyst. During his time there, he was deployed to Afghanistan. He also worked as a defense contractor at McNeil Technologies.

When Shaun finished his military career in 2011, he decided to rekindle his passion for business. He founded The So Company in 2012. This company offers software development and content delivery services to government and private agencies.

Currently, Shaun is the CEO of The So Company. He serves as a member of the Australian Institute of Project Managers. He and his wife, actress Anna Chlumsky, have two children.

Shaun and Anna started dating in their college days. They met at a dance party and quickly fell in love. They were married in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York. They had a long-distance relationship due to their military service.

Shaun and Anna have two kids, Penelope and Clara. They named the baby girl after Odysseus’ wife, Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey.

Relationship with Anna Chlumsky

The relationship between Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky has been a long one. They met when he was in college and they have been together for almost two decades. They have two daughters, Penelope Joan So and Clara Elizabeth So.

When Chlumsky was a teenager, she started to act. She won several awards for her acting skills. But she took a break from the entertainment world to focus on education. After she finished college, she worked in New York. It was there she met her future husband.

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Anna Chlumsky has been married to Shaun So for 13 years. They got engaged in 2007. Their first child, Penelope Joan So, was born in July 2013. Besides acting, Chlumsky is also a model. And she has appeared on several TV series, including Inventing Anna, Rugrats, and Veep. In 2016, they had their second daughter, Clara Elizabeth So.

Shaun and Anna have been together for over a decade and have been happily married for thirteen years. They have two daughters, but neither have shared pictures of them on social media.

During the early years of their relationship, Shaun and Anna were friends. But when Shaun decided to join the army, he had to keep his girlfriend at bay for a few months. He was able to earn a spot in the Army Reserves and eventually completed his training. Aside from his service in the army, Shaun has had a career in media and business.

Initially, Anna and Shaun dated for three to four years. It was during this time that the couple started to get serious. They used to see each other every other week. Eventually, they admitted they had romantic feelings for each other.

Net worth

A former Counterintelligence Special Agent of the United States Army, Shaun So is an entrepreneur, social media star and Internet personality. His estimated net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2022. Besides being a renowned entrepreneur, Shaun is also a co-founder of The So Company, a company that specializes in human-centered design services.

He has worked as an intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and served on the tactical intelligence team as a sergeant. In addition, he was deployed to Afghanistan for three years. He also worked as a defense contractor for McNeil Technologies.

After leaving the Army, Shaun So started several companies, including a luggage storage company. He is currently based in New York. Previously, he has served as the CEO of Cubby, which is a company that provides short-term storage for luggage with a charge.

He also contributed a column to Forbes. While he hasn’t discussed his childhood, it is believed that he was born in the U.S. and is of Chinese descent.

Besides his business interests, Shaun So is married to actress Anna Chlumsky. Together, they have two daughters. One daughter was born in 2013. Another was born in 2016. They got engaged in 2007. During the engagement ceremony, Shaun and Anna decided to get married after just five months of dating.

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Although he hasn’t talked about his early years, it is believed that he was born to an Asian immigrant family. Apparently, his father is a saxophonist, and his mother is a singer.

When Shaun was a teenager, he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in China. Later on, he graduated from the University of Chicago with honors.


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