Why is honey a valuable ingredient for long-term survival?


Because of its high nutritional richness and powerful antioxidant capabilities, honey has been revered as a “wonder food” for countless generations. However, were you aware that honey is another item that should be included in your survival kit? I’ll explain why.

Honey is utilized not only in the creation of food but also in the treatment of burns, wounds, and infections. This utilization of honey predates its use in the kitchen and food preparation. Because of its adaptability, long shelf life, and low cost, it is an item that should not be missing from your suitcase or emergency kit.

When applied topically to wounds, raw organic honey has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain, hasten the healing process, and leave behind little scarring. Honey dressings are simple to use and remove, they do not adhere to the wound’s surface, and any filth that is present on the site can be cleaned off with the dressing itself. When treating a wound with honey, you should always apply the honey to a non-absorbent backing so that the honey remains in close touch with the lesion.

Is there any hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom cabinet where we keep our medications? Hydrogen peroxide, when mixed with water or other bodily fluids, transforms into a natural antiseptic that is effective in eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. Honey’s naturally occurring antibacterial qualities make it an unpleasant environment for germs to thrive in. Honey, in contrast to topical antiseptics, increases blood and lymph circulation in the wound, which has the effect of accelerating the healing process rather than inflicting extra tissue damage.

Because it has such a high absorption rate, honey is also useful for treating purulent sores. Honey has the ability to draw moisture from the wound, which prevents bacteria from multiplying and ultimately results in the lesion becoming sterile. Because of this, honey is a wonderful alternative to antibiotics, and unlike medications, it does not have any undesirable side effects or expensive prices.

Because of the nourishing and strengthening properties that honey possesses, it has been utilized for a long time in the cosmetics industry. It is simple to digest and absorb by the body, and it contains a wide variety of amino acids as well as numerous vitamins, plant compounds, and sugars. In addition, it is rich in carbohydrates. When the skin is given the nutrients it needs, healing can take place on all levels.

Organic honey that comes from bees is full of beneficial properties that make it not only an excellent diet but also a solution for ailments that might affect the body. Who would have guessed that such a miracle cure would still be hiding at the back of the cupboard?

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